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"Maybe Cocoon is past saving, but it's our home. And we'll protect it or die trying! We live to make the impossible possible! That is our Focus!"

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||Post Xiii-2 Slight AU||21||Married

Lightning Yun-Farron, Warrior and protector of the goddess this woman stands as the 'Warrior goddess'. Currently residing in New Bodhum with her Wife and Daughter.
A Semi-Active member of the Guardian Core at the moment Due to the birth of her daughter she Currently takes very few missions and normally is on Base training recrutes or when not- often found either in her office or at the Gym when not home.

Her blade strikes swift and true, Never mess with this Warrior Goddess' family. or you will end up in trouble

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The 13 Cycles

Claire 'Lightning' Yun-Farron

/crack pot theory that’s totally not true/

so i have been playing xiii again :I NOT SOMETHING I SHOULD BE DOING AFTER PLAYING XIII-2 because well. i keep coming up with crack pot theories.

Like that in xiii, the story we know is one where Lightning actually came back in an attempt to change things for the better. to find a way that Fang and Vanille didn’t have to turn to crystal. but the more she does it with no real change in the outcome- she figures out that she cant really change what is going to happen. and that moment on the hill with Snow is when she really realizes it. 

the whole thing  that started this was the whole goodbye thing with Serah- how its suddenly different. 

and- she cant stop Serah from becoming a L’cie- because she can’t go back to before she was one. she cant actually replace herself when she isn’t one. the timeline will not allow for it, because she would simply die because at that point her powers would have to be striped from her and they can’t be with out killing her 

her reaction towards everyone is because she doesn’t want everyone to know that anything is different. 

im actually thinking about making this a possible back story for my blog

mostly because i think it will interesting. 

this will NOT change the way my Lightning acts. 

It is simply an expansion of that she went through. 

I personally think its something that was fully possible although clearly not canon. 

the story for xiii will remain the same bar a few things- mostly lightning’s own thoughts that we didn’t hear in the game anyways. ill probably start drafting things that could have happened the first time around if i decided to do this. 

curious to know others thoughts on this though! feel free to send them to me!